Type: short film      Genre: slapstick      Language: silent film       Length: 08:20         
Released: 10 september 2011         Country: austria      Format: 16mm

One scaffold. One chief. Two painters.

The chief gives his two painters the order to paint a wall, but this simple task turns out to be more complicated,

since oneof the painters is afraid of heights.

Inspired by the movies of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd, Peter Hübelbauer decided to experience slapstick for himself

and to experiment with it. Without using any digital tricks he and his team took up the challenge of reviving slapstick

on 16mm film following classic examples.

Singer, pianist and composer Robert Werner performed live his exclusive composition for The Scaffold at the premiere!



• Cultural Department of the Vienna City Administration

• Austrian National Union of Students of the University Vienna

• Vienna City Institution Cash for Culture




Type: short film      Genre: tragicomedy      Language: german        Length: 11:30
Released: 23 june 2009         Country: austria      Format: pal 16:9 hd

Harald, an overweight middle-aged public gardener finds in a fictive internet poker world the acceptance of which he remains

denied in real life. A film, that tells in tragic and entertaining moments the gap between fantasy and reality of a loser’s

everyday life.

This film was originally produced for the final assessment in the course "Von der Idee zur Sendung" (from the idea to broadcast)

of the University of Vienna.